What they’re saying about Jesse DeNatale:

Now it seems that all of the best ones have been driven underground. If there is a leak in the boiler room, it is the music of Jesse DeNatale, a unique and original American voice. Tom Waits

He’s the bard of Tomales Bay. — Ramblin Jack Elliott

He’s good, really good. — Nick Hornby

A rough and tender voice, intricate lyrics, and wise new songs.  Soul Parade is half dance and half street confessional. All from the heart. — Michael Ondaatje,  Poet Writer

Beautifully produced, and orchestrated, and stocked with inventive and compelling songs, Soul Parade reminds us that Jesse DeNatale is one of the most distinctive singers and creative lyricists of his generation and the generations that flank him.
- Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate 2001-2003

Coming across the musical inner workings of Jesse DeNatale was the single most soul satisfying surprise of my year. Eliza Gilkyson

About Shangri-La West
Jesse DeNatale needs a castle built for him, pronto. A poet and storyteller of the highest order, with his debut release Shangri-La West, DeNatale proves himself capable of producing some of the sweetest harsh melodies this side of Van Morrison's Avalon Sunset. Brought to life by the singer's crackling, worn voice and gentle guitar, the album is a journey through the remotest parts of the heart. It's a delicate, searing picture of passion, experience, and regret that fuses traditional blues with a more modern vibe. The best thing about DeNatale's sound, though, is how naturally it comes together -- there's no spit and polish on this record because it's the dankness and the dust that gives it its shine.”  — Nikki Tranter, POP MATTERS

“… a charismatic performer conjures up a dozen great performers from Van Morrison to Waits, from Jagger to Dylan, without managing to sound like any of them has absorbed the essence of what makes a great song, indicating that he's spent considerable time at his craft, with lyrics that create colorful characters, landscapes and compelling narratives...A REAL FIND, one of the most unusual and rewarding roots albums released in the last six months." — Greg Quill, TORONTO STAR

"He seems closer in sensibility to Willy DeVille, another urban troubadour who excels at pairing noirish lyrics with melodies that all seem to have sprung directly from ‘Spanish Harlem.’"  — John Sakamoto, EYE WEEKLY

“He's one of those songwriting creatures that steps out of the swamp fully formed, with all the tools, that misunderstood look and the smoky voice, ten great songs, and a sound, an atmosphere.” — Frank Goodman, PURE MUSIC



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